4 post-doc positions @ University of Perugia

Where: University of Perugia, Italy

When: application deadline May 30th, 2024

Title: Algoritmi, modelli e sistemi per la digitalizzazione, fruizione, valorizzazione e manutenzione del patrimonio artistico, culturale e ambientale

At the University of di Perugia, a call for 4 20-month research grants paid 2000€ net per month has been published. The topic of the grants is very broad, concerning ICT applications for the conservation, valorisation and use of the artistic, cultural and environmental heritage.

  • Scientific supervisor: Giuseppe Liotta
  • Duration: 20 months (renewal possible)
  • Gross amount: 55,862.20 (2000€ net monthly)
  • Positions: 4
  • Required qualification: Master’s Degree or PhD

Mail contact for informal insights about research topics: giuseppe.liotta@unipg.it

Details, requirements and instructions to apply: https://www.unipg.it/ateneo/concorsi/assegni-di-ricerca/bandi-e-procedure?stato=A&pagina=1

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