Post-doc position on energy optimization @ DESTEC-UniPI

Where: University of Pisa, Italy

When: application deadline May 22nd, 2024

Title: Pianificazione resiliente di sistemi elettrici ed energetici con PyPSA and SMS++

In the context of the RESILIENT project DESTEC (Department of Energy, Systems, Territory and Construction Engineering) of University of Pisa is happy to announce the availability of a 1y+1y (at least) post-doc position (“assegno di ricerca”), 30-31k€ admin gross yearly salary, net take-home pay around 1.8k€/month. The position is open to candidates with a MSc degree, STEM fields preferred, with focus on power/energy. PhD may be a plus. Programming skills (Python, C++) desirable.

The RESILIENT project, funded by MUR and EU, aims to provide stochastic optimization capabilities into the well-known PyPSA-Eur model, by leveraging on PyPSA and the SMS++ tool developed by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Pisa. The role of University of Pisa is to enable the flexible modelling and solving capabilities of complex multi-energy sector-coupled models using PyPSA and SMS++ models. The research assistant or post-doc will develop their activities in the context of this project, with the aim to investigate on the best modelling structure and uncertainties of complex energy systems, and development of PyPSA-SMS++ interface, with optional space to further investigate on operation research to the candidate’s liking.

The overall project is multi-disciplinary and will contain:

  • Energy system modelling representation, including but not limited to power system;
  • Operating research and mathematical optimization;
  • Meteorology and industrial transformation;
  • Grid planning;
  • Development of software capabilities: Python and/or C++.

The position is in the Italian scientific sector ING-IND/33 Electric Power Systems. As an ideal candidate, you have documented background and/or experience in some of the following:

  • Energy modelling (power and/or sector-coupled modelling);
  • Mathematical optimization (Linear Programming, Mixed-Integer modelling, etc);
  • Energy modelling frameworks (e.g. PyPSA);
  • Programming skills: Python and/or C++;
  • Sound scientific writing skills for developing reports and international publications in peer-reviewed high-quality international outlets (required to apply for the Postdoc positions);
  • Good command of written and spoken English;
  • Team working skills in international and multidisciplinary environments.

Environment and Research Team

The research team at DESTEC and DI (UNIPI) have state-of-the-art know-how and facilities for modelling Energy System Models and large mathematical problems, including access to important servers for solving the problems. The Postdocs and the PhD students will be part of the Power System Team group at DESTEC and the operating research group at DI lead by Prof. Antonio Frangioni. The overall group consists of more than 9 Professors/Researchers beyond Postdocs and PhDs, whose background fully fit the targets of the project. The group also collaborates with the PyPSA meets Earth initiative, that is a global open independent research group to foster the adoption of open-source tools for energy modelling.

Details, requirements and instructions to apply (must read):

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