Fixed-term researcher position (RTDA) at University of Bologna

Where: University of Bologna (Cesena Campus), Italy

When: application deadline March 19th, 2024, 12:00 (Italian time)

Title: Optimization algorithms for network analysis, robustness and security

Short description:
Research activities require advanced knowledge of the main methodologies used in the Operations Research area.

The activities will focus on the development of data analysis techniques, as well as on the design and implementation of exact and heuristic optimization algorithms for network and graph problems, with particular emphasis to applications arising in cybersecurity. The researcher will carry out the teaching activity within official courses (in Italian and/or English) provided in the SSD MAT/09 Operations Research field (SC 01/A6).

In addition, teaching duties will include lectures, integrative teaching and teaching service to students, and practical or laboratory exercises.

Call for application:

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