Ph.D. position at University of Padua

Where: University of Padua, Italy
When: Application submission closes on December 12th, 2023

The following Ph.D. position is open at University of Padua (Italy)

Title: Development of mathematical models and methods for the analysis of
biological data

Duration: 18 months
Gross salary: euros 40.086 (net salary around 1600 euros per month)

The research focuses on some fundamental issues concerning the development of
mathematical models and methods for the analysis of biological data. A
detailed description is given below:

1) Development of learning models for the analysis of biological
data: In this context, the goal will be to develop and/or use advanced
learning models and to analyze their main properties from both a theoretical
and practical point of view.

2) Development and analysis of optimization methods for machine learning
problems: In this context, we will develop first/zeroth order methods for
solving large-scale machine learning problems. We will focus on the study of
theoretical and practical properties of the proposed methods.

3) Use of the developed tools for solving real problems in biology: The models
and methods will be used for the analysis of specific problems in biology
(e.g., progression analysis of neurodegenerative diseases).

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